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December 09 2008

Migrated to soup.io to see how it works here. Hello, old Pownce friends!!!

December 01 2008

Bye-bye Pownce! I'll miss trading music on here, but not that big a deal. Have fun in your new cubicles at Six Apart!

November 25 2008

Just got the new Music Tape record; first one in about 8 yrs so I'm pretty excited. They use banjo, singing saw, and old recorders to make a very unique sound. Perfect for foggy weather.

The Music Tapes - Cumulonimbus

September 05 2008

Here's a great love song for a sunny friday afternoon! Jonathon Richman - New Teller


April 21 2008

Echoplex Park: Fugu Four Ways - Videoblogging Week 2008

I made a video for videoblogging week 2008 about eating the POISONOUS FUGU!

April 11 2008

I am failing at the clothes shopping endeavor. One of many reasons I need Kairsten around. Im lost in the supermarket.

April 04 2008


I made a Muxtape! Mostly old Gospel Funk on this one.

February 19 2008

I think its kinda weird when some people use a service like hellotext.com to ping the same message to many services. What's the point? Do you feel that all the services are the same? If they are, then why use them?

Please tell me. I'm curious about your redundancy issues:)

February 13 2008

Echoplex Park: A Day In Tokyo

Now that Super Tuesday is done, I can go back to making more videos of my trip to Super Awesome Tokyo!

February 06 2008

Play fullscreen
Jackson West and I did a bunch of videos for The Uptake during Super Tuesday. This is one of them.

February 05 2008

Echoplex Park: Does California Really Matter On Super Tuesday?

This is what I'm doing for Super Tuesday.

Go vote then join us!

February 01 2008

Echoplex Park: First Food In Tokyo

First edited video of me eating food during my trip to Tokyo last week.

Excitement! If by "excitement" you mean you like food and Tokyo.

January 30 2008

January 04 2008

DSP - 1/4/08 - Crappy Gifted Hat on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Was gifted this hat and its not my style. If you like it, its all yours. Used once, loved never.

January 02 2008

Loving the iPhone version of Pownce, just wish I could post up a song or photo from it. I blame Steve Jobs.

November 08 2007

Echoplex Park: Building A Burning Man Bus

In case you didn't know, I'm making a video every day for a month! My latest one is here. Excitement!

October 31 2007

Time of a Werewolf Bar Mitzvah!!!

October 30 2007


For your afternoon pleasure, I introduce you to Alice In Diaryland.

October 05 2007


For your entertainment at the end of a Friday, I put up a new video. Relive the magic of a wedding at an Old Folks Home.


October 02 2007

I wonder if I would be in a less maudlin mood if I stopped listening to things like the Smiths while I work...
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